90s Outfit Ideas

90s Outfit Ideas

90s Outfit Ideas

90s outfit ideas here for your next 90s get together. I opened my vault aka my storage unit and my closet to find actual stuff from the 90’s for a 90’s themed New Year’s Eve party our friends Victor and Kaitlyn threw this weekend. It was a really great time. Here’s how we picked and put together our outfits with real and imitated 90s fashion and how you can create your own 90s look.

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90s Outfit Ideas: Authentic 90’s

90s Fashion

90s Fashion

First up of our 90s outfit ideas involves seeking out real pieces from the 90s. They’re often inexpensive at thrift stores. If you want to spend a little more and save some time, shop on Etsy. My shop Quirky Mugs often has a lot of 90s tshirts and sweatshirts – I have a storage unit full of them.

I mixed and matched some early and late 90’s trends with pieces that are actually from the 90s. I was a weird mess in the 90s, wearing like blue lipstick with my Beavis & Butthead t-shirt so I figured it’s totally fine. All of my main pieces, the t-shirt, skirt and coat, are authentically 90’s. The thermal shirt is from Old Navy and the combat boots are my every day shoes from Target.

Finding a 90’s T-shirt – The Janet Jackson shirt is from her 93-94 World Tour. I scored it at a thrift store. This one was obvious that it was from the 90’s as any tour shirt will usually be since itshould the dates of the tour. A tip for finding other authentic 90’s t-shirts is to look very closely around the screen print of the shirt. A lot of times, very small, there will be a copyright and a year.

Here are some examples of printed on dates on screen printed shirts.

90s Outfit Ideas90s Outfit Ideas

Finding Other 90s Apparel – My floral skirt was found at a thrift store or yard sale, not sure which. A lot of skirts from this time frame had buttons down the front and were floral. You can check the tag to see if clothing, shirts skirts or pants, are from the 90s – 90s tags sometimes look a little different than our modern day tags.

Here are some examples of 90s tags:

90s Outfit Ideas | 90s Clothing Tags

90s Outfit Ideas | 90s Clothing Tags90s Outfit Ideas | 90s Clothing Tags90s Outfit Ideas | 90s Clothing Tags90s Outfit Ideas | 90s Clothing Tags

Hair and Accessories: This hair needs to make a come back because it was way easier to do than I remember it being in the 90s. I was going to do four braids a la the Alanis “Ironic” video but decided this would be more fun. I heard these called both “Space Buns” and “Bear Ear Buns”. I’m uncertain of the official term. I’m wearing all jewelry I had in middle and high school because I am a collector of sorts and apparently I never got around to throwing it all away. Chokers, beaded or shell necklaces and chunky plastic rings are all definitely good choices for 90s jewelry. If I’d had time, I would have painted my nails blue because I remember that being the first polish everyone wore that wasn’t a shade of red or black.

90s Outfit Ideas: Recreating The 90’s

90s Outfit Ideas

The second of our 90s outfit ideas comes from Jamie. She threw together a 90s look from stuff she had in the closet.

Long-Sleeve Undershirt – The tshirt over a long sleeved tshirt is definitely on point for 90s fashion trends. This is actually one I don’t mind hasn’t come back into style. Obviously I did this also and a lot of other people at the party did too. Also it’s winter so it was perfect and it’s easy to do.

Oversized and/or Work Pants – These are old oversized dress pants Jamie found in the closet. It was definitely on trend in the 90s to wear oversized pants, jeans flared to outrageous widths and also, JNCOs. Dickies and other work pants were popular, so any kind of slacks really will suit your 90s needs.

Plaid Around The Waist – I mean let’s be honest, everyone will do it and you can too. It’s easy and will work with whatever plaid you have. Jamie didn’t even want to wear a regular plaid shirt, she took this weird plaid hoodie I had instead.

Chain Wallet –  Get a length of chain from wherever and put one end in your back pocket and one end in your front pocket. Done and done. This was actually a chain strap from one of my purses and had clips on it. You can also make it easy and buy a $5 wallet chain on Amazon for just these occasions.

90s Themed Tshirt – These are incredibly easy to find these days. Jamie found her Aaahh!! Real Monsters shirt at TJ Maxx a few months ago. I found this similar one on Amazon. Here are some other fun ones.

And there you have it! Two 90s outfit ideas and lots of things to think about when you’re putting together your next 90s costume. Have your own 90s outfit to share or a favorite trend I didn’t mention? Please share in the comments!

Peace, love and chicken grease, I’m outtie.

90s Outfit Ideas

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