Nerdy Valentine Gifts

Nerdy Valentine Gifts

Check out these unique Valentine gifts for that special nerd in your life. Stuffed animals, chocolates and flowers are totally overrated. Some people want a cactus, Twizzlers and a bouquet of stuffed planets. Here are some alternative takes on traditional Valentine gifts. Give the gift of weird this Valentine’s Day.

Nerdy Valentine Gifts


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Nerdy Valentine Gift Jewelry

Show the one you love you’ll be together forever, even after the zombie apocalypse happens and you’re both walking corpses because you spent your time watching Netflix and cat videos and never got that crossbow training you always wanted… From ThinkGeek.


Player One and Player Two start button matching necklaces. I think these are really fun. The website says they have ‘the sweet concave feel of arcade buttons’. You’d have to fight over who gets to be player one and player two, but other than that, these are the best. From ThinkGeek.

I own an anatomical heart necklace and it’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I don’t recall where I bought mine, but this one from Amazon is very similar.

Nothing says true love like a ring that kinda makes the wearer an asshole. This gold-plated Tungsten replica, however, shouldn’t cause any craziness or invisibility. From ThinkGeek.

Nerdy Valentine Gift Plush


I don’t know why but I think this little guy is just precious. Also, it’s a 1:1 replica of the original chestburster from the movie. A little more cuddly though. From ThinkGeek.

For the snack lover in all of usĀ  – these plush cheesy puffs are as ridiculous as they are adorable. There are nine cheese puffs inside the bag, which zips at the top and has nutrition facts on the back. I would definitely put this on my couch as a throw pillow. From ThinkGeek.


Okay, so ThinkGeek has a ton of these plush bouquets, including corgis, unicorns, microbes, kittens, books… bunch of stuff. They’re too silly to not be great. Click through to check out the others. From ThinkGeek.

So turns out, there’s a whole line of plush giant microbes. This heart one is creepy cute. From Amazon.

This little plush zombie has been through some shit. Maybe a good gift for your BFF. From Amazon.

Other Nerdy Stuff


Harry never really got to relax, but your love totally can with this Harry Potter themed spa kit. I fell like just that ridiculous eye mask is totally worth it. I also found this same kit that says ‘Always’. From ThinkGeek.

When I was little, I didn’t necessarily have an aversion to the doctor’s office. I liked all their weird little tools and models and posters and those jars that held the tongue depressors. Anyway, here’s a cool life size model of the human heart, which I think would make a great addition to any desk or mantle. From Amazon.


I think this is from the show Once Upon A Time, but still a very sweet sentiment. From ThinkGeek.


I am forever a sucker for mugs. I think they make the perfect gift. You can’t have enough mugs. From Amazon.


Nothing says love like two zombie hands in the shape of a heart. From Amazon.


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