Easy Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet DIY

Give this easy clean dirty dishwasher magnet diy a try to add some early 2000s flair to your kitchen. Also answers the age old question of ‘are these dishes dirty?’ without having to actually talk to anyone. Which has really turned our dish washing lives around and helped us keep our kitchen a lot cleaner. Thanks, Christina!

Jamie gets 100% credit for this idea. She said she’d always wanted a Christina Aguilera dishwasher magnet but just had never gotten around to making it. So I downloaded free photo manipulation software (Gimp) and made it happen.

Note – if your dishwasher is not magnetic, you can always just put the magnet on your refrigerator.

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*I used a magnet I got somewhere for free that was advertising something. If you don’t want to buy a magnet, or you have a magnet that isn’t the exact size, you can always download the jpg version of the image below and size it to fit a magnet you have. Another option is to print the image on cardstock and attach any size magnet to the back, but this probably won’t be as long-lasting.


Step One: Print the printable PDF if you haven’t already. Grab it here –  Xtina Clean Dirrty Dishwasher Magnet Free Printable. (Tip: If you want a smaller size, save the jpg above instead and resize it when printing.)

Step Two: Cut the printable down, leaving about an inch on each side. Apply mod podge to the front of the magnet and spread evenly. Place your trimmed image upside down on your workspace. Place the magnet, glue side down, onto the paper and press firmly. Allow to dry completely.

Step Three: Once it has dried completely, trim the edges of the paper. Apply mod podge evenly to the image. Let dry and place on dishwasher!

When your friends are over, be sure to casually mention your new magnet so they will be jealous of your new 2000s pop swag.