Halloween Costume Ideas with Onesies

Halloween Costume Ideas Onesies

Halloween Costume Ideas Onesies

Check out these Halloween costume ideas using onesies aka loungers or kigurumi. Why spend a ton of money on a Halloween costume you’ll only wear once? Instead, get a onesie – you’ll have an easy, comfortable, dope costume and you’ll be cozy all winter long!

A lot of these would also make great additions to couple or group costumes and I have included my ideas with each onesie.

Most of these linked onesies come in three sizes – S/M, L/XL and 2X/3X. They also have a detailed sizing chart so you can make sure your onesie will fit and be comfy. Some also have both men’s and women’s sizing options.

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Reptar from Rugrats

Potential group/couple costume – add other members of the Rugrats crew.
Rugrats Reptar Lounger



Simple and effective with a bit of a Donnie Darko vibe. And think what a creep you can be later wearing this on Christmas morning.

Hogwarts Student – Gryffindor or Slytherin
Unfortunately, I am out of luck on this one as I am a Ravenclaw.  Hufflepuffs – you also feel my pain. Potential group/couple costume – other students, professors, etc.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Lounger

Harry Potter Slytherin Lounger - Black, L

Pokemon! – Snorlax,Gengar, Pikachu or Charmander

These will also be great for your early morning Pokemon GO raids or the next community day event. Potential group/couple costume – add more Pokemon or Ash.
Pokémon Snorlax Kigurumi - L/XL

Pokémon Gengar Kigurumi - L/XL

Pac-Man Game Play

The ghosts and Pac-Man can be taken off and moved around the onesie. Use with caution while drunk…
Pac-Man Lounger - Black, L/XL


This would be really cute by yourself and you could walk around really slow and annoy all your friends. For a couple costume – recruit your friend who looks the most like Kristen Bell and have her just pretend to cry hysterically all night.



Optional costume accessory: play “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” on repeat. Potential group costume – other astronauts, aliens, a spaceship. The sky’s the limit.

Astronaut Hooded Lounger - L/XL


Potential couple/group costume – Doctor, companion, etc.

Doctor Who TARDIS Hooded Lounger - 2X/3XLAND SHARK

Pair this shark onesie with a gory shark attack victim for a couple costume that’s a fun juxtaposition of comical and terrifying. You could also go with that dude from Jaws or the Katy Perry of your choosing.




Of course I had to include a unicorn…Rainbow Unicorn Lounger

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Halloween Costume Ideas Onesies