Halloween 2018

Painted Pumpkins Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pumpkin and Night Sky pumpkin

We had a blast this year filling our October with lots of Halloween activities, coming up with costumes and just all around having fun. Here are some photos highlights of our October, along with our Halloween costumes!

Grin Reaper Evil Tooth Fairy Costume

Photo above taken by Tanner, check out his photography here.

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I had it in my head that I should be something scary, with some cool SFX makeup. For whatever reason, I kept going back to evil tooth fairy, which evolved into my costume as the Grin Reaper, a rogue tooth fairy. I will be posting all  about my costume and how it came to be separately.

On to the photos!


FBI Agent Halloween Costumes Grin Reaper Evil Tooth Fairy Costume  Costume Prop FBI Badge Grin Reaper Evil Tooth Fairy Costume

Halloween Party 2018


Other Stuff

I participated in Inktober for the second year in a row and got a lot farther than I did last year. I made it to day 22 and all those drawings can be found on my Instagram. We also attempted to watch a Halloween themed or horror movie every day but we didn’t get very far. We watched Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Zombieland (pictured), 30 Days of Night, Queen of the Damned and I think that’s all. We also watched the entire first season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (I loved it.)

Painted Pumpkins Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pumpkin and Night Sky pumpkin

We painted pumpkins! I have always carved pumpkins so this was an interesting change. I really liked it, definitely recommend as it is loads less messy, less dangerous and less stressful than carving. I would have gotten more photos but my pumpkin rotted really quickly.

We tried Burger King’s Halloween themed foods – the Scary Cherry slush and the Nightmare King, which was a super weird burger/chicken/bacon sandwich with a green bun. They said it would give you nightmares. Check out our Facebook page to see how that played out.

Driving for a living has its perks.


And of course, the obligatory trips to local Halloween stores. I was a little underwhelmed this year but still wanted to buy lots of stuff.

Hope your Halloween had the perfect mix of spooky shit, candy and costumes.  Only 363 days til next Halloween!

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