Pickle Cupcakes – We Tried Them So You Don’t Have To

Pickle Cupcakes

Pickle Cupcakes are making their way around the internet thanks to this video by Delish. I am seriously obsessed with all things pickled, so I knew I had to try them as soon as possible.

Pickle Cupcakes

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Pickle Cupcakes are an interesting and not too sweet cake made with sour cream, pickle juice and diced pickles. It was a little like a corn bread muffin or similar not-dessert muffin. The icing was an amazing cream cheese icing with bourbon (though I used scotch because that’s what we had). Even the folks who invented this recipe at Delish were not completely convinced that these cupcakes were a good idea. I’m super glad we tried them though.

Pickle Cupcakes

I made them last night. Jamie, Tiffany and I livestreamed tasting them and that video is here –

If you don’t have a chance to watch the video, I’ll tell you we really had no consensus. I thought they were pretty okay, like for a fun thing to try I would say definitely do it. The cupcake without the icing I think would be really good to have just as a bread side. Tiffany hated them altogether. Jamie loved the icing but did not particularly the cake.

On a scale of one to ten, I gave them a six. Jamie gave them a four. Tiffany gave them a strong two and I think even that was a stretch for her. I took a few to work. My boss had one and actually liked it and my friend Skyler stopped in and had one and he said they weren’t bad.

If you like pickles, get some like-minded friends together and give them a go. Throw me a comment and let me know how they turn out.

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Pickle Cupcakes


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