Shotski Review Video

Four people doing two tandem shotskis with at home shotski review overlay

Hi guys! This shotski review will let you know what a shotski is, how it works and where to buy one for yourself! Also there’s a fun video of us trying it out for the first time.

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What is a shotski, you might be asking? I didn’t know either until two of them were bought for Jamie & I for Christmas. A shotski is a ski-shaped board (sometimes literally a ski, it seems like from my research) that holds four shot glasses. The shots are drunk by four individuals at the same time since they’re, y’know, attached together to a ski.

Our shotskis are tandem shotskis, for couples and people with just one friend I assume. Specifically we have the Wemco Men’s Cabin Life Shotski Drinkwear Set (pictured below) which was originally sold at Target but is no longer available.
Wemco Men's Cabin Life Shotski Drinkware Set

A traditional shotski is for four people. They are way easier to find than the tandem shotski and I imagine more difficult to pull off but definitely a conversation piece and a super fun addition to your party. Get your own four-person shotski here. You need to have one.

Now click play below to watch this shotski review video of us trying them out for the first time. Then let us know what you think!

Shotski Review Video


Shotski Review, Wemco Men's Cabin Life Shotski Drinkware Set and four people doing shotskis

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